I need to follow more Harry Potter blogs. Like this if you post solely HP.

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holy poop I just realized Hufflepuff was SO close to being in second place! That would have been awesome! I’m so happy we won though :)

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Oh my God Gryffindor WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little late cause I woke up late -.- but YAY! Glad I contributed!

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aflyingcontradiction asked: Oh gosh, can you please become the next CEO of Pottermore? You'd be a much better CEO than the current one. Your ideas are awesome (not that I think they'll ever actually do any of it, but the ideas are certainly awesome).

Thank you so much! Really! I think everything on my list is possible, actually. I thought rationally. I’ve seen other, non-official HP sites do similar things and I think Pottermore would be able to do it (better) too.

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Pottermore Ideas by RoseCat5792:

Ideas for Pottermore:


  •          Wizard’s Chess- go against different houses.
  •          Quidditch- in due time, I’m sure it would be difficult to perfect.
  •          Trading card game- trade Chocolate Frog Cards with other members (would require a lot of different cards premade and some are rare and given only on certain days or events.)      


  •          Customize your avatar and have a full body avatar on your profile.
  •          Buy items from Diagon Alley to put on your full body avatar- House scarf, wand, broom, pet, robe,
  •          Large customization options for hair, skin color, and face due to users from all over the world.


  •          Transfiguration- transform simple things like small animals or more difficult things like chairs
  •          Potions- more spell options that are harder (the more difficult, the more house points)
  •          Herbology- learn about different plants and how to plant, tame, or extract seeds from them
  •          Astrology- learn about different constellations and planets with trivia quizzes
  •          Charms
  •          History of Magic (info + quizzes)
  •          Defense Against the Dark Arts (quizzes, spell practices, informational reads)


Some excerpts of books from the Harry Potter series.

  •          Hogwarts: A History
  •          Quidditch for the Ages- excerpts from the actual published book
  •          Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- excerpts from the actual published book
  •          A History of Magic
  •          Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart- for the laughs!
  •          One Thousand Magical Herbs and Funji- would be incredibly fascinating (to me, at least)

Pottermore Profile~

  •          Full Body Avatar (see above)
  •          Background customizations (different graphics with your house colors)
  •          Comment section for friends only (comments approved by you before being posted)
  •         “About Me” section- name, country, age (MAYBE)
  •          “Message Me” option- for friends only
  •          “Best Friends” section
  •          House points earned in duels, classes, games, etc.


  •          Instant messaging from friends to friends.
  •          Awards for duels (milestones), perfect scores on class quizzes, etc.
  •          Submit HP Cosplay pictures (all pictures need to be accepted before they are posted and you can “Favorite” them, no like or dislikes system or comment sections)
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Duel me or something. Send me crap. Be my best friend. I’ll send you ingredients, just ask. 

RoseCat5792 (Gryffindor)

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Anonymous asked: I HAVE A PLAN!!! So, we get the other 3 houses, (gryffindor, ravenclaw, and hufflepuff) To duel wachother, so that way Slytherin doesnt have anyone to duel, and wont win!

Yes. These last few days I have solely been dueling Hufflepuffs and occasionally Ravenclaws and maybe one or two Slytherins. If you continued dueling Slytherin and you weren’t very good, you are officially a butt.

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Please… shut up and go earn some house points for your house. The fact that you have the least amount of members does NOT hinder you. You managed to get third place, you realize that, right? And remember when YOU were at one point in first place around the time that it became public and Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were neck and neck?

At least you weren’t more than 10 million points off like Hufflepuff so please, stop saying how you’ll never win the house cup. It’s not very Ravenclaw-y of you. You bunch are supposed to be academically motivated! Go off and duel and make some potions!

-RoseCat5792 (Gryffindor, duel me if you want)

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