3:30 minutes into the new exclusive video of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I bust out crying. One day I’ll go back and all will be well.

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Is there a blog for just photos of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with some Universal Studios photos mixed in or a mix of the two?

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You know what I love? That J.K. will have a lot of control with the movie. She’ll obviously have control with the casting and telling them hey, he looks like this and oh yeah, this guy will be perfect for the role! No fan arguments about his appearance because J.K. will have helped pick him therefore your arguments are invalid.

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Oh don’t mind me, just randomly started crying because I realized I miss Harry Potter so much

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I began to fake cry about the news on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter then actual tears came out.

That’s how badly I want to go back.

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People who don’t like Ginny make me laugh

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I need to follow more Harry Potter blogs. Like this if you post solely HP.

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aflyingcontradiction asked: Oh gosh, can you please become the next CEO of Pottermore? You'd be a much better CEO than the current one. Your ideas are awesome (not that I think they'll ever actually do any of it, but the ideas are certainly awesome).

Thank you so much! Really! I think everything on my list is possible, actually. I thought rationally. I’ve seen other, non-official HP sites do similar things and I think Pottermore would be able to do it (better) too.

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Pottermore Ideas by RoseCat5792:

Ideas for Pottermore:


  •          Wizard’s Chess- go against different houses.
  •          Quidditch- in due time, I’m sure it would be difficult to perfect.
  •          Trading card game- trade Chocolate Frog Cards with other members (would require a lot of different cards premade and some are rare and given only on certain days or events.)      


  •          Customize your avatar and have a full body avatar on your profile.
  •          Buy items from Diagon Alley to put on your full body avatar- House scarf, wand, broom, pet, robe,
  •          Large customization options for hair, skin color, and face due to users from all over the world.


  •          Transfiguration- transform simple things like small animals or more difficult things like chairs
  •          Potions- more spell options that are harder (the more difficult, the more house points)
  •          Herbology- learn about different plants and how to plant, tame, or extract seeds from them
  •          Astrology- learn about different constellations and planets with trivia quizzes
  •          Charms
  •          History of Magic (info + quizzes)
  •          Defense Against the Dark Arts (quizzes, spell practices, informational reads)


Some excerpts of books from the Harry Potter series.

  •          Hogwarts: A History
  •          Quidditch for the Ages- excerpts from the actual published book
  •          Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- excerpts from the actual published book
  •          A History of Magic
  •          Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart- for the laughs!
  •          One Thousand Magical Herbs and Funji- would be incredibly fascinating (to me, at least)

Pottermore Profile~

  •          Full Body Avatar (see above)
  •          Background customizations (different graphics with your house colors)
  •          Comment section for friends only (comments approved by you before being posted)
  •         “About Me” section- name, country, age (MAYBE)
  •          “Message Me” option- for friends only
  •          “Best Friends” section
  •          House points earned in duels, classes, games, etc.


  •          Instant messaging from friends to friends.
  •          Awards for duels (milestones), perfect scores on class quizzes, etc.
  •          Submit HP Cosplay pictures (all pictures need to be accepted before they are posted and you can “Favorite” them, no like or dislikes system or comment sections)
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