UGH I was fine with this stupid update until I realized that when on my phone and reblogging something, I can’t add or edit text or even see the things I’m reblogging!

Anonymous asked: post a screenie of how the posts look to you PLEASE?


Here you go, anon! I removed the info but this is how it looks.

wtf happened to tumblr

Every person on Tumblr: I have OCD.

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This moron on facebook linked everyone to her tumblr…

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A reason I really dislike Tumblr is because there are a lot of butthurt, annoying coupley people. For instance, there’s a gif of a singer with lyrics on it about love. It gets thousands of notes because people are like “I really miss you, boo <3” or some stupid shit. They reblog it even though they don’t know the artist. Or they reblog a picture of a couple and say “Forever alone :(” or “Wish this was me!!” or “together forever <3”

Do you realize how stupid you sound? Do you think anyone gives a shit about your relationship? It’s great that you’re happy or whatever but just don’t reblog shit for the sake of telling everyone you are or aren’t dating someone. 

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I want to change my url to fungalinfections

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A video of some white couple touching tongues with Moves Like Jagger in the background has 45k notes


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Where’s the endless scroll?
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